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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Founding Story Of Chan Supplements

Ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the reason Chan Supplements came to the West. In order to promote wellness, Chan wanted to present these ancient topics in a way westerners would understand. This whole body and healthy living lifestyle approach of Chan is what sets us apart in the weight loss category. Some of our formulas are millennia old. Furthermore, they tackle health issues on both a mind and body level.  An example of this is our Feel Good Detox. While the art of detoxing your mind, body, and soul has been around for centuries, Chan uses the exact formula that was created by TCM practitioners ~5,000 years ago to help ancient monks cleanse their mind and body before meditation.  The video below shows the formula’s origin.

Chan Supplements draws its inspiration from Lake Mapam Yutso. Lake Mapam Yutso is located in Tibet, which is sometimes referred to as the “Holy Lake” due to its prominence in Hinduism and Buddhism. Every spring and summer Buddhists along with many Hindus visit the lake to worship. They also bring holy water from the lake for their health. They believe that the holy water will bring them purity from all negative emotions like greed, anger, and jealousy. 

Above all, our goal is to create that same peace and positive energy from Lake Mapam Yutso. Finding your Zen is what Chan Supplements is most passionate about; that which gives you meaning and happiness. Deeply rooted in Taoism and its traditional teachings, Chan Supplements high quality all-natural ingredients will assist in the mind and body approach you need for your well-being.


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