Herb Glossary

Step 1: Feel Good Detox

The Herbs

Dandelion helps the liver function at its highest level of efficiency. Furthermore, it aids in proper digestion and the movement of waste. The herb is rich in minerals, potassium, sodium, and iron. This cleansing herb can be brewed to make a natural tea that is perfect for detoxifying the system. 

Dong Quai has been used for over two thousand years as a liver and blood tonic. This well-known Chinese herb assist in treating anemia, relieve emotional stress and irritability, while balancing hormones, supporting liver function and strengthening the blood (by dilating blood cells). 

Fo-ti has a rejuvenating effect on the cells in the body. The herb provides a natural “relaxing” effect, that keeps the nervous system balanced and calm, making it a great alternative for anyone suffering from burnout and high stress levels. Also,it stimulates the adrenal glands, it also protects the liver and promotes the release of toxins.

Cassia has many benefits for the digestive system; it helps bind loose stool into healthy bowel movements, stopping diarrhea. Therefore, this herb provides balance to our formula to provide substance that eases the elimination process. Cassia is also used to help soothe eye problems and assist with weight-loss.

Chinese Rhubarb inhibits intestinal absorption of water and promotes defecation. The is commonly used as a mild, powerful, but effective natural laxative that flushes out the intestines and cleanses the bowels. It also protects the liver and helps hydrate the body. 

Licorice improves the function of the spleen and helps cassia in binding loose stool. Licorice harmonizes with other herbs in the formula; for example, it helps reduce the intensity of Chinese Rhubarb’s purgative effects. Also, the herb prevents ulcers, eases pain, protects inflamed mucus membranes, and protects the liver.

Tienchi Ginseng tonifies qi and invigorates the blood. Tienchi Ginseng has a reputation for being “more precious than gold” because of it’s ability to improve circulation and healing properties. This herb balances the body and encourages proper blood flow during the strong detoxification process as a result of the other herbs in this formula. Also, Tienchi Ginseng relieves pain, reduces inflammation, delays the aging process, lowers blood pressure, and reduces heart rate. 

Bai-zhu can adjust gastrointestinal motility and protect the liver. It also invigorates qi and promotes healthy spleen function. The Chinese herb assists in fighting ulcers, protecting the liver, fighting oxidation, slows down aging, and regulates blood sugar.

Mangosteen promotes overall health and is known for its antioxidant properties; like promoting longevity, vitality, and increased energy levels. Mangosteen also treats skin disorders like eczema, urinary disorders, heart diseases, and diabetes. The herb also promotes healthy red blood cells and is loaded with vitamin C thus boosting the immune system defenses.

Aloe Vera supports the immune system and helps to detoxify the body. Naturally filled with vitamins and minerals, the plant heals wounds, aids digestion, and cures nausea. Also, aloe vera helps to promote better nutrient absorption, cures IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and keeps constipation from damaging your system. 



Step 2: Look Good Slim

The Herbs

Garcinia camobogia clinically tested appetite suppressant  that promotes weight loss. The tropical fruit increases serotonin levels to help with appetite suppression. When the serotonin levels are low, it can cause emotional eating, which can lead to weight gain. Helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

Kelp extract can suppress the activity of digestive enzyme and decrease the absorption of fats in diet and boost the fat burn to achieve the purpose of weight management.  Also, a few benefits kelp provides is it reduces constipation and is involved with meridians of the liver, kidneys, and spleen. 

Grape seed extract is an inhibitor of digestive enzyme. Moreover, it also has the ability to promote the secretion of bile and the metabolism of fat and speed up fat burning. The extract also contains oligomeric proanthocyandin (OPC), which is a very important antioxidant. OPC protects the body physically and mentally, while reducing swelling and improving blood circulation.

Griffonia simplicifolia is commonly used to promote weight loss. It also may help with serotonin that helps regulates mood and appetite. The 5HTP from this herb is even used to promote high energy levels, while treating mild to moderate depression and improving mood, anxiety, and insomnia.  



Step 3: Be Good Trim


The Herbs

ID-alG™ Kelp and Grape Seed Extracts contain long chain polyphenols that can inhibit the activities of lipase and amylase – digestive enzymes responsible the assimilation of fats and carbs.  This blend can also promote the secretion of bile to improve fat metabolism. The grape seed extract also contains oligomeric proanthocyandin (OPC), which is a very important antioxidant. OPC protects the body physically and mentally, while reducing swelling and improving blood circulation.

Turmeric functions to invigorate blood circulation. It works well with the other ingredients to expedite transportation through the body. One of the most commonly used Chinese herbs, Turmeric also aids indigestion, high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis. 

Chinese Hawthorn promotes digestion by stimulating the spleen and excretion of digestive enzymes throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Chinese Hawthorn is a great remedy for blood stasis within Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Chinese Hawthorn also reduces the amount of sodium found in the body and also creates a healthier balance of water in the body. 


Source: Chinese Herbs Healing

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